Category: The Blooming Garden of Love

Cyprus: To the Depths of Hades

Soothed by Aphrodite‘s bath water, Stella feels her divine energy penetrating each of these cells. The sublime love that immerses her makes the memory of an exquisite love reappear in…

1 September 2018 0

Bulgaria: the Balancing Water of Indipaskha

Dariya and her grandmother participate in the traditional Rosa Damascena harvest, in Bulgaria. Despite her enthusiastic play in this ancestral activity, the young woman seems to have lost the sense…

1 September 2018 0

Netherlands: Dutch Clash of Legends

Anna’s wooden clogs rhythmically tick on the pavement stones. Her stroopwafel is safely packed in her pocket. At the dock, relaxing from Ravenstone marketplace’s hustle and bustle, she is taken…

1 September 2018 0