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Greece: Memories of a Windy Monday

Crafting a kite is part of the Clean Monday festivities in George’s village. But that night, the Greek wind tricks not only the kite, getting lost but also his memories.…

20 November 2018 0

France: a Hoot by a Moonlit Ocean

Vincent enjoys walking at nightfall: the pine forest, the marshes, the beach and its rocky coves, the fisheries that criss-cross the coast. All these Breton places are full of sound…

1 September 2018 0

The Lips of Legends, they Whisper Again

  Fragmented continent united through lore, nature & legends Mindful Voices of Europe project is a fierce defender of the European project, as well as a supporter for local heritage…

1 July 2018 0


13 October 2017 0