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Denmark: What Once has been

In front of her the marsh stretched out as far as the eye could see…but the fog slithered above the water like a white snake. Lost, scared to death, the…

26 October 2018 0

Sweden: As the Bells Ring the Troll Sings

As Johan and Hans indulge in the beauty of ladies frolicking naked in the forest lake, they are met by a rugged looking creature. What will their lack of belief…

1 September 2018 0

The Lips of Legends, they Whisper Again

  Fragmented continent united through lore, nature & legends Mindful Voices of Europe project is a fierce defender of the European project, as well as a supporter for local heritage…

1 July 2018 0


13 October 2017 0

Finland: The Divine Mystery of the Finnish North

On a journey to meet the famous Saint Nick in the North of Finland, you will discover the likes of Tapio, an ancient entity that owns the forest. He will…

1 September 2017 0