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Happiness, travelling, hearfelt atmosphere, nurturing awareness

In the pursuit of happiness, many set foot on peaceful journeys of discovery as they travel and backpack through European city trails and explore Balkan, Baltic, Scandinavia or Central Europe regions.

To aid this journey, many seek out a travel guide, yet how much of a travel guide can capture the true essence and culture of a place?

Mindful Voices of Europe is a truly unique book of discovery, but it is no travel guide. This is a collection of short stories, authentic experiences, from 44 European writers capturing the heartfelt atmosphere of their native countries. The book seeks not only to awaken the peaceful traveller within you and nurture awareness, but also to cultivate a deep belief in cultural exchange. It is a celebration of the pleasure of words and languages rhythms, and an invitation to share in the inner-joy that travel brings.

The book true essence

Travelling with mindfulness at the forefront of the experience leads the mindful team of writers to tap into the inexhaustible powers of deep nature, the wild and untouched peak hiking trail less travelled, the soul talk with an overseas retreat, the migratory bird they are, the timeless sanctuary they live by, the introspective freedom of a city walk…while watching leaves dancing in the wind. Those slow life experiences will give you goosebumps of simple and pure pleasure and will enhance your own spiritual growth, like a path to serenity and your true self. All the stories resonate in unison, following the “La” heart being given by the conductor, Vincent.

The beauty of a language melody

Each of the stories has a quote written in both English and the native language of the writer. Two of the stories within the book are fully translated into the writer’s language as a way of emphasising the pleasures of the alphabet, and the beauty of a thing that you don’t understand. This captures the true experience of travel of being a stranger in a strange land. On your travels you may hear music sang in a different language; you may not understand the lyrics, but the beauty of the melody still translates.

Mindful Voices of Europe is a truly unique book that seeks to re-write the travel guide and awaken the peaceful traveller within you.



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