England: Wade’s Causeway

There once was a time, as I am sure you may know, where other beings roamed the Earth alongside mankind. Some were known as Nephelim; some were worshiped as God’s but, in the UK, most were feared and hated; and were called simply Giants. The way of life in England was largely nomadic hunting and gathering, except by those selfish giants who were able to farm and fish. One summer, on North Yorkshire Moors the chief of the clan simmered with hatred towards the giant Wade, as he watched Wade’s family living the life of luxury whilst his clan was set to starve during the winter. In the midst of it all the chief derives a cunning plan, through which he discovers that giants aren’t so bad after all. Join us on a tale of adventure, co-operation and bravery to learn the tale of Wade’s Causeway.

By Kimmy